“When you touch the body in an attentive and mindful way,
the soul will be opened– ready to be touched.
A soft touched soul, lives through perfect harmony."

My Massage is entirely an energy massage, ranging from head to toe and is complemented with touch and acupressure.
Through this optimal combination the effects are many.
The use of this massage releases energy blockages, the muscles are loosened, the circulation increases, the flow of energy is emproved and the self-healing powers are activated. Body, spirit and soul are harmonized and the energy balance is restored.

You can enjoy my massage service 30 minutes and more.
The optimal massage is around 60 minutes.
In the 30 minutes, the entire back of the body from head to toe will be treated with massage and acupressure.
Over 30 minutes the front of the body will be treated, starting with a facial massage and ending with a foot massage.
What areas, how intense and how long the treatment is, can be determined by you. For my massage service I charge 80,- Euro per hour. I also take hotel calls on weekends, holidays, in the morning and late evenings.
Take a little time out and accentuate your stay in your hotel!
Take a small vacation from your daily stress!
Enjoy my pampering hands!
Your soul can take a trip to the wonderful world of relaxation and harmony!
Give your body, spirit and soul a chance to regenerate!
Enjoy the magic of the moment!

You can book my services under the following telephone numbers:

Renate Grebe
Phone: (0211) 482315
Mobil: 0163 8439085